Cakes & Rolls

Be you a chocoholic, a bread lover, a vegan, a health-freak, or all of it? Now you can order homemade cakes online. At Qtrove you get to “have your cake and eat it as well”, with a wide selection of ready-to-order freshly baked Cakes & Rolls – made with 100% organic whole wheat flour.

Enjoy your tea with a variety of chocolaty and flavorful – eggless, egg and vegan - tea-cakes made using couverture chocolate and all-natural ingredients, with no added colour, preservatives, or refined white sugar. Also, as a great accompaniment with meals or a light snack on the go, purchase our selection of gluten-free sweet and savoury breakfast Cakes & Rolls, dinner rolls, pizza crust and sandwich bread. Order online now – it takes the cake!