Candle & Candle Holders

If you believe candles light up the dark with a rare, natural elegance and sooth the mood (or are simply an advocate of candle-light dinners), brighten up with Qtrove’s curated collection of organic Candles and Candle Holders. Buy from a variety of 100% all natural - handmade candles, beautifully designed and exotically scented with aromas that will calm your senses or transport you across the globe. Also, purchase our abundant – grand, artistic and quirky style - candleholders, to alluringly add to your love for candles and your home’s décor. Looking to spark a smile with a gift? Try the unscented glow light candle sets or realistic cupcake themed candles, especially for birthdays. Order online now from our collection of Candle & Candle Holders to inflame your imagination!