Couverture Chocolates

Do you huddle in your kitchen all night trying to whip up chocolate desserts, with disappointing results? You may have followed all the steps to a T, but your moulded chocolate may not break with a satisfying snap. Or the chocolate tuille you painstakingly crafted does not hold its shape. This is because the chocolate you use, even if touted to be a 'high-quality cooking chocolate', has very less percentage of cocoa butter.

Despite boasting of a high percentage of cacao, the brands lining most gourmet store shelves have very less cocoa butter, which is crucial to get a smooth, glossy outcome. Our couverture chocolates are the purest form of chocolate you can find, with no added emulsifiers or additives like soy lecithin. Use Couverture Chocolates to make artistic edible creations, or just eat it as is, for a healthy heart and a happy, chocolate-covered soul.