Fresh Sauces

With Qtrove's pasta and pizza sauces, you no longer have to fork out for a meal at a fancy Italian restaurant. The most tedious part of making homemade Italian food is putting together the star of the dish – Fresh Sauces. Our curated Italian sauces are made with fresh produce, with liberal handfuls of herbs, authentic seasoning and locally sourced vegetables, and have no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

Host an Italian-inspired dinner party without worrying about making the time-consuming Fresh Sauces from scratch, because our vendors have done it for you. Go the whole hog and smear some tomato basil sauce atop your pizza, ladle the herby pesto over steaming penne, and sandwich your pasta sheets with our creamy bechamel sauce, for a lasagna that will make any Italian grandmother nod in appreciation. Order Now!