Fudge & Truffles

Enjoy your breakfasts, sandwiches or straight-out-of-the-jar feastings, with our delightful combinations of organic Fudge & Truffles - waiting to be ordered online. Buy a combination of white chocolate fudge or chocolate fudge with the king of dry fruits (cashews), or being mingled with cinnamon, to a match-made-in-heaven combo with hazelnut, and if you’re a peanut butter fan, we’ve even a delightful Chocolate-Peanut Fudge admixture for purchase. Feast your eyes on what we’re talking about, by perusing through our 100% natural preservative-free Fudge & Truffles, and if you like your fudge a tad thinner - order the Preservative Free Chocolate Fudge Sauce or for a heavenly experience buy chocolate fudge River o’ Chocoa. Order Now!