Guilt free Snacks

Looking for food for the health-conscious thought? Order online from our wide-range of guilt-free snacks for healthy breakfasts, mid-day snacking or as tasteful toppings. Stay rooted in a healthier lifestyle and choose from a healthy mix of top quality seeds, berries, dry fruits, nuts and grams. Purchase tastefully blended all-in-one packs or singularly packaged products, like Gorgon Nuts (known as Makhana in India), or watermelon, pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds, for you to individually snack on your health-treat of choice. Looking for homemade healthy snacks for weight loss? Look no further, these Guilt-Free Snacks are rich in antioxidants, high in dietary fibre and contain essential minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. You can also find home-baked, oil-free spicy Mexican chips or Mixed Seed Rusk to go with your tea.