Handmade Soaps

What would you like to smell like? – That is the question when picking from Qtrove’s extensive collection of Natural Handmade Soaps, carefully curated to offer a variety of bathing experiences. Buy from a selection of Handmade Soaps to have floral, herbal, fruity or rare fragrances rub off on you while transporting you to imagined scenic vistas.

All our soaps contain naturally procured ingredients, with most of them employing age-old techniques to hand make these bars in refreshing new ways. Their multipurpose rejuvenating qualities help them feel at home in a spa, as likely as they are to transform your bathroom into a spa-like experience. Each bar of Handmade Soaps is so unique in its make that you’ll be hard-pressed to pick a favourite. Order homemade soaps online to treat yourself to daily therapeutic baths.