Immunity Booster

Our Grandmothers were never much worried about Infections to children and let play out side in mud and dirt because they knew how to build a child's internal defence system . They had secrets of how to protect their children from infections by using Natural Ingredients mostly available in their Kitchens like Honey, Turmeric, Giloy Sticks or Moringa leaves.
Thanks to them we have strong parents who have taken care of us and helped us become who we are.
Unfortunately , due to the growing urbanization we have lost touch to some of those secrets or even if we know the secrets we don’t have easy access to pure and fresh products like those days.
This is a special collection of all products that can be used to build our children’s Internal defence systems and thereby protect them from common infections.
This collection has products like ,
Lakadong Turmeric Powder which has one of the highest curcumin content ,
Multi-Floral Honey from the free ranges of Uttarakhand
Natural Giloy stems from the forests of Uttarakhand
And many more, all under this collection Immunity Booster
Go ahead Discover products that can be great Home Remedies or Ayurvedic products made from Ancient wisdom to build your and your child's internal defence systems

Stay Protected !