Rakhi Special

My ladies, do you remember your first few Rakshabandhan? The days when your parents would make your sibling sit in front of you as you went about the ritual of a ‘tika’ before stuffing a ‘sweet’ in your brother’s mouth for 100 rupees in exchange? And men, do you remember a plate full of mysterious red, yellow and white things on it being thrust in your face, a rakhi tied on your wrist and a 100 rupee note stuffed in your hand to give to your sister?

Cut to a few years later when we were all in schools. Rakshabandhan was now called Rakhi. The word ‘rakhi’ itself had evolved to have a completely different connotation by then. Men were afraid of receiving one(especially from that one girl) and women were all too eager to tie one. At homes the sweet evolved to a bar of chocolate and the 100 rupees to a dress, a bunch of notes or (if you were one of the lucky ones) a new gadget.

Cut to a few more years and we send rakhis over mail, meet for brunch, gift expensive things to each-other or even settle for a movie. Something else evolved along with our gifts and rituals- Food. From nutritious and healthy, they’ve gone on to become chemical-filled, fattening and unhealthy. Gift boxes and toys have become toxic and unsustainable.

On rakhi, we vow to keep our sisters safe and to pray for our brothers’ prosperous and happy lives. But have we stopped to think about how exactly do we go about it?

Our range of rakhi products are sustainable, all-natural and handmade. They truly represent the essence of rakhi. Give them a shot this time around.