Qtrove’s teas come from handcrafted buds meticulously collected and carefully processed within hours to not lose any aroma and nutritional value. Our teas are sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas and high altitude farms in the Nilgiris. Each leaf retains its raw, earthy flavour and nature freshness in any weather condition. When you soak the tea leaves in a warm cup of water, it oozes out its golden colour and spreads a calming yet fresh aroma in the air. We have spicy masala, sweet berry, calming chamomile, rich black tea, detoxifying green tea, yummy vanilla, and the famous organic green tea online. Each flavour has a story to tell. Our teas are packaged with health benefits like - it detoxifies your body, releases stress, improves your skin, burns body fat, soothes the digestive system and conditions all your senses. Also, these tea packs are curated from the best places in the country, apt for gifts and festive occasions.