• For temporary relief of symptoms associated with menstrual cramps
  • Cramp, Headache, bloating, backache, muscular ache relief
  • Water Weight Gain
  • Tension and Stress

Just one bottle a day, prevents all the above during PMS.

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Get the Power of Ayurveda

Each &Me PMS drink has 9 Vitamins, 5 Minerals and 5 Ayurvedic herbs known for their age-old benefits. Including

Calcium, Ashoka: Reduce pain and inflammation;

Magnesium: Diuretic, reduces water retention and bloating; 

Fruit sugars, Ashwagandha: Energy and calmness to body and mind.

Start with a period pack of 6 and drink one bottle a day during the period cycle to see benefits.

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User Testimonials

This drink does some amazing work inside my system. Facts of the product works and are true. I’m extremely happy to be a part &Me collaboration - VidyaLakshmi

Awesome products, helped in my cycles with PMS symptoms especially bloating. so happy that something like this available in the market that too with complete natural thingsChithraAjithprasad

Tried 2 juice's by them,
And Oh god! They're so effective..
They're good at taste and Healthy as well!
I'll definitely recommend them..NavyaRana

I have been having the drinks , they are amazing ... one drink a day makes u feel energetic and rejuvenating .
The flavours are great in taste.
keep up the good jobRushitaParikh

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