Dear fellow female homosapians,

We all remember the times when there was an important meeting going on and we could not give our inputs and everybody thought we were not focused. Little did they know that we were busy focusing on the menstrual cramps we were having. Remember your boss asking you : why did you miss the deadline ? and you wanted to say "because I was dead from the abdoman pain my periods like to give me" . Remember overhearing you male collegues say that " women are bad choices to hire for a job because out of 4 weeks, 1 week they will not be on top of their performance because of "that time of the month". Your better half saying " your voice feels weak" and you are like " so does my body" Remember all of that? well, mee too.

But it does not have to be this way anymore. After years of reasearch and combining medical science and indian ayurveda, We at &me have come up with a perfect weapon to beat those bloody (pun intended) menstrual pain, cramps and weakness. Ladies, its time to reclaim the world which was snatched away from us. Now only things we would be losing because of periods is blood, not chances of promotions, not working days, not relationships ,not self respect, not opportunities. Nothing. None. Nada. Lets stop periods from making our lives painful, we have boys for that. 😉

- Yours sincinerly
XYZ( name of female founder), Inventor , PMS drink, Founder &Me, a strong woman who was once tired with all the menstrual pain

Why Periods are painful and makes your body feel weak, and how are we solving that?


  • A lot of blood loss, a healthy woman lose 80ml of blood during menstruation . Which causes serious weakness in body
  • Loss of important mineral like iron
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Dehydration


  • The PMS dink - Period monster saviour drink
  • These drinks are completely herbal, no side effects, no chemicals
  • Each &Me PMS drink has 9 Vitamins, 5 Minerals and 5 Ayurvedic herbs known for their age-old benefits. Including
    • Calcium, Ashoka: Reduce pain and inflammation.
    • Magnesium: Diuretic, reduces water retention and bloating.
    • Fruit sugars, Ashwagandha: Energy and calmness to body and mind.

Start with a period pack of 6 and drink one bottle a day during the period cycle to see benefits.

Benifits of PMS drink

Reduces Pain and Cramps

Increased Mentle & physical Strength

Reduced Bloating

Decreased Stress and Tension