A2 Ghee Desi Gir Cow's Vedic Traditional GrassFed Ghee (500 ml)

Volume 500 ml
  • A2 Ghee Desi Gir Cow's Vedic Traditional GrassFed Ghee (500 ml) at Qtrove

A2 Ghee Desi Gir Cow's Vedic Traditional GrassFed Ghee (500 ml)

Volume 500 ml

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Product Description:
  • Ishavasyam brings you the finest Desi Gir Cow's hand churned ghee made by Vedic traditional method.Fresh, raw, unprocessed milk is boiled and converted into curd in a clay pot, curd is then churned with wooden hand churner and makkhan obtained in the process is then separated, the separated makkhan is then boiled in a thick iron vessel on mild cow dung cake fire and finally what we get is the finest ghee which has numerous ayurvedic and medicinal properties.
  • Our cows graze openly, milk is extracted only after the calf has had sufficient milk, none of our cows is tied, apart from open grazing we feed our cows with ayurvedic medicinal herbs like shankhpushpi, ajwain, shatavari, ashwagandha, giloy etc, we do neem spray on our cows to keep diseases far away from them, we spread limestone on floor where our cows sit and sleep which makes them feel comfortable while sleeping, walking or sitting. Non milking cows, calves, bulls are treated the same way as milking cows without any discrimination. We pamper our cows just the way we would pamper our own child . Finally, the Ghee obtained by following this vedic process is :
  • Hand Churned, Medicinal, A2, Vedic, Ahimsa, Desi Cow, GrassFeed, Ayurvedic, Traditional, Ancient
  • It is Vedic A2 Ghee with ayurvedic medicinal properties
  • Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, our ghee has all essential ingredients required by our body
  • It takes 35 litres of Vedic A2 Milk to make 1 Liter of this precious Ghee
  • Ghee is best to eat when served hot

Q Factor: Ayurvedic, Ahimsa, Desi Gir Cow's A2 Milk, Hand Churned

Ingredients: Gir Cow's A2 Milk

Storage and Handling Instructions: Do not refrigerated. kept at room temperature

Expiry(Shelf Life): 1 years from the date of manufacturing.

Usage: 1. Use it in Agnihotra fire which in turn purifies air and nearby surroundings. 2. Put 2 drops of warm ghee in each nostril while going to bed to cure headache, mirgrain, sleeplessness, hairfall, untimely greying of hair. 3. Take 1 tea spoon of this

Shelf life from date of manufacturing: 1 year from the date of manufacturing.

Shelf life once opened: 1 years from the date of manufacturing.

Nutritional Benefits: It contains healthy fat soluble vitamins that facilitate the absorption of nutrients in our body that are vital and essential for our health - Our traditional method of preparing bilona ghee as mentioned in shastras provides very deep nourishment to

Type of cow milk?: Gir Cow's A2 Milk

Storage Instructions: Do not refrigerate. Keep at room temperature

Allergens(specify none if no allergens): Milk

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