Cheese Garlic (Vegan)

Rs. 500.00
Weight 165 g
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Cheese Garlic (Vegan)

Rs. 500.00
Weight 165 g

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Product Details: The product is a vegan cheese spread made from whole organic nuts. It has the taste of a cheese spread with all the health benefits of a plant-based food. It is dairy free, preservative free, chemical free, cholesterol free, and most importantly - guilt free.

Q Factor: The product is unique as it is totally natural, wholesome and being plant based it has zero cholesterol. The nuts are organic and it is completely free of preservatives and chemicals. Millie’s cheese preserves nature's wisdom of giving you fat with fibre, thereby lowering LDL and providing your body with a healthy HDL.

Country of origin: India

Source of milk: Cashew nut and tofu

Best served with:

  1. It can served with breads - grilled, toasted or as a sandwich.
  2. It can used as a filler to make cheese parathas or in a roti.
  3. It works layered into a dosa.
  4. It makes a delicious pizza topping, and can be used as a pasta sauce, and also in any continental dish.
  5. It makes an amazing sour cream in Mexican food.
  6. The cheese spread transforms into a dressing for a variety of salads including Caesar salad and potato salad.

Shelf life: Upto 10 days refrigerated or 30 days in the freezer.

Storage and handling instruction: Must be kept refrigerated always.

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