Harippa Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Snack (Salted Crunch)

Rs. 199.00
Weight 125 g
  • Harippa Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Snack (Salted Crunch) at Qtrove

Harippa Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Snack (Salted Crunch)

Rs. 199.00
Weight 125 g

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Product Description: It is said that whatever we eat outside is unhealthy. Nothing can be done to get rid of this issue. But there can be an alternative. While at home one can consume nutritious food for a better health.

Q Factor:

● Roasted Pumpkin seeds are highly rich in protein. People can consume this over other items which also provide protein
● The seed has a good amount of fiber which is also quite good for health. Good amount of fiber helps to fight with different kinds of diseases in the body
● The product is absolutely free from Gluten. Such proteins like Gluten can sometimes be harmful to the body
● The product has a huge amount of antioxidants
● It has got a salty taste for your taste buds

Ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds and Himalayan Pink Salt


Shelf Life: 6 months

Once opened: 15-20 days


● The product is very much essential for your heart and liver. These two are the primary organs of human body and are more prone to various kinds of issues. Consumption of roasted seeds is very much essential to maintain the heart and the liver
● It contains Tryptophan which helps to get proper sleep. Stress, tension, and various other dilemmas are responsible for a sleepless night. Having pills is not really an effective solution to this problem. It helps in getting proper sleep
● The product is highly rich in zinc which is also essential for the body. Every type of minerals is essential for the body. Zinc is one of them
● It contains minerals like Magnesium which helps to maintain the blood sugar level of an individual

How To Use: It is better to consume these seeds directly. It tastes good and also gives good health benefits.

Storage and Handling Instructions: Store the product in a cool and dry place.

Harippa Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Snack (Salted Crunch) Online.