Healthy Seeds Mix

Rs. 280.00
Weight 150 g
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Healthy Seeds Mix

Rs. 280.00
Weight 150 g

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Product Description: A mix of 8 healthy seeds with a slight hint of lemon roasted accurately to provide you with a glorious taste. This after meal has healthy written all over it

Q Factor: Pickl'ed products are all home-made with love. The ingredients used are handpicked and do not contain preservatives, artificial colours, added flavours or chemicals. All Pickles are sun dried and hand tossed to give the authentic taste.

Ingredients:  Seeds like; Flax, Sesame, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Muskmelon, Pinenuts, Watermelon, and Salt.

Usage: A few spoonfuls every day will help you get additional proteins !


Shelf Life: 1 month.

Once Opened: 1 month.

Flavour: Roasted.

Storage and Handling Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place(Oil Based to be Refrigerated), To Serve, use dry spoon only, keep it in an airtight container, Retain Oil Layer On Top till the Content is over(For Oil Based Pickles), Transfer content into an Airtight Jar if needed. Check for Nuts/Seeds Allergy before Consumption

Healthy Seeds Mix Online.