Her Bath Needs

1000 g
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Her Bath Needs

1000 g

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Hamper description: The rinse, soap, repeat bath ritual has now become both monotonous and well, inadequate. Addressing hygiene, beauty and skin care needs, our bath needs kit for women are made for squeaky clean and healthy shower experiences. Finding the perfect combination of products that work for your skin and hair, pamper them and don’t send you running to the dermatologist every other month is hard but we’ve put together products that are natural and gentle on the skin. But for the allergen check, rest assured and try out our bath needs kit and you’re sure to be bathed in compliments after.

Hamper details:

1) Aloevera Soap with French Green clay and Activated Charcoal - What happens when French Clay, Activated Charcoal and Aloevera bond in a bar (of soap)? The powerful trio helps cleanse your skin of toxins and replenish it with Vitamin A, B, C and E.

2) Lemon Body Mist - One spray to eliminate all headaches and fatigue. Refresh yourself whenever you need to with this zesty lemon body mist.

3) Floral Bathing Powder - Step in your shower and feel like you're stepping into a field of flowers with our all-natural floral bathing powder.

4) Feminine Intimate Wash - Gentle and chemical-free formula for those sensitive and intimate areas of your body where soap should be banned from going.

5) Natural Body Wash - If you've got skin woes, we've got a body wash to heal them all. Did we mention it's all natural?

6) Herb Infused Hair Oil - A blast from the past with this infusion of healthy seeds and hair-friendly plants that will add volume to and condition your hair while reminding you of those night-time hair massage sessions at home.

7) Chemical free Hair Wash Shampoo - Dehydrated soap powder that's mild on your hair, is hypoallergenic, conditioning, biodegradable and gentle on your skin. Beat that, store-bought alternatives!

8) Bamboo Toothbrush - For the lovers of minimalism, the eco-friendly and the hipsters- brush off those regular plastic toothbrushes and try something with BPA-free bristles instead.

9) Chocolate Lip Balm - A nourishing, healing and moisturising lip balm that adds a delicious and chocolaty layer of sweet smelling goodness to your lips, each time you use it.

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