Level 2 Cleanse - Grounding (Pack of 6)

Rs. 900.00
  • Level 2 Cleanse - Grounding (Pack of 6) at Qtrove

Level 2 Cleanse - Grounding (Pack of 6)

Rs. 900.00

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Product Description:

  1. Green Flush - The Green Flush is our workhorse juice. This chlorophyll packed juice lowers acidity and balances your pH. It also flushes excess water and toxins from the body.
  2. Red Purifier - Our Red Purifier provides antioxidant and anti inflammatory support against heart disease and cancer. The lycopene in the organic tomatoes are proven to reduce the risk of prostrate cancer and breast cancer. Supplement this with your regular diet to protect yourself against cancer!
  3. Super Green - Looking for a deeper detox? If you’re aiming to boost immunity, lose weight and feel lighter we have a focused  super green juice which is packed full of nature’s richest phytonutrients all ready to go. Our Super Green delivers the nutrients and minerals you need for that bodily boom boom pow!
  4. Purple Saver - Our Purple Saver is perfect post a heavy night of drinking, it will help you get over your hangover and cleanse your liver at the same time.  It's packed with flavour and nutrition and a whole lot of functional foods. The beets support liver and small intestinal function. The carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and also improve the overall tissue of liver. Celery reduces stress hormones and toxin levels by cleaning the liver, gall bladder and kidneys. And lastly Spinach is packed with iron and has anti-cancer properties.
  5. Yellow Hydration - Did you know that our Yellow Hydration has enough fresh pineapple to provide 150% of your vitamin C needs? Coconut water has amazing anti-aging properties and increases your metabolic rate.
  6. Almond Milk - Our small-batch, cold-pressed almond milk is as pure as it gets. We put so much love and care into making it that we don’t think it needs anything extra. That’s why you won’t find any additives like “carrageenan,” “lecithin,” “gellan gum,” or artificial sweeteners in FreshPressery's Almond milk. Nature doesn’t add those things to almonds, we figured we shouldn’t either. Instead, we start with naturally sweet raw almonds, soak them until they’re plump, and then slowly cold-press them to extract a fresh, creamy almond milk that’s alive with complex flavours and natural nutrients.

Processing technique: Made using the cold pressed technology which uses low speed and zero heat to press the vegetables and fruits to extract the juices. Because there's no heat involved, all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are intact. And it stays intact for 72 hours. However, given that there are no preservatives, it is perishable.

Q- factor:  - For a deeper and more intense vegetable based cleanse

Shelf life: 3 days

Storage and handling: Keep refrigerated


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