Handpicked Milk Oolong Tea

Rs. 749.00
Weight 50 g
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Handpicked Milk Oolong Tea

Rs. 749.00
Weight 50 g

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Product Description: There are some incredulous legends around the origins of this tea, the most bizarre being that once tears from a sorrowful moon fell directly onto this tea to suffuse the leaf with simultaneous emotions of love and longing. While you may have a hard time believing this story, this brew is sure to evoke the same feelings when you take the very first sip. The characteristic buttery taste of the leaves is accentuated by steeping them in milk before roasting to give the Milk Oolong its name. Naturally sweet with a creamy, butter profile, this tea is light, while being very elegant and very indulgent.

Q Factor: This hand rolled Oolong is dipped in milk and fermented to give a creamy, luscious and very indulgent profile.

Ingredients: Semi-Fermented Milk Oolong Tea

Type of Tea: Oolong Tea.

Available as: Loose tea.

Brewing time:  4-5 Minutes.

Ideal temperature of water used for brewing: 90° C.

Goes well with: Cookies, Biscuits, Macaroons.

Tasting Notes: Built on a rich creamy foundation of dairy notes, this brew treats your tongue to a velvety, smooth buttery texture and nuances of milk which imparts a well-rounded long finish to the brew.


Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Once Opened: 12 months.

Storage and Handling Instruction: Store TGL Co. tea blends in the original container or any air tight container only at room temperature. Keep TGL Co. tea blends away from heat, light, air, and moisture and avoid storing them in a glass container. Never ever use a wet/moist spoon to remove the tea from the container.

Place of origin: Taiwan.

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