Mochaccino Cupcake Candles

Rs. 450.00
Weight 100 g
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Mochaccino Cupcake Candles

Rs. 450.00
Weight 100 g

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Product details: This carefully made, scented beeswax candle is the number one choice for everyday candle burning due to its long burn time and a gorgeous beautiful look. Handmade with precise attention to detail, to make them so realistic you’ll want to eat them!

These are great for birthdays or any occasion gifts, wedding favors, parties, events, dinners or for your relaxing home hours.

Hand poured and environmentally friendly, this candle is made from the only existing natural wax on Earth. Beeswax is a completely renewable resource, are a nontoxic alternative to paraffin wax candles

Many people prefer beeswax candles to paraffin candles because as an all-natural product, they are more attractive to individuals who practice a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. The bees are not harmed in the production of beeswax candles, and because it takes approximately 33 million visits to flowers for bees to create a single pound of beeswax, many individuals also feel beeswax has a stronger spiritual connection to the power and productivity of nature than other types of candles. It is the beeswax candle has innumerable health benefits 

Burn a beeswax candle today and enjoy the ambiance full of light and fragrance all from a natural renewable source!!

Q factor: A perfect candle for any coffee lover. If the smell of freshly brewed coffee is your style, then this is the one. This candle has a scrumptious fusion of creamy coffee with hints of cocoa. It’s just like sitting in a coffee shop; so now you know what to do when you want a chocolate but also a caffeine fix at the same time!!!

Material: Handmade from 100% pure Beeswax with cotton wick n purest of essential oils. 

Size: Life size

Burning time: approx. 10 hours

Shelf life: 1 year

Storage and handling: 

Always store candles in cool dark place away from direct heat & sunlight 

  • Allow candle to form a wax pool to emit the best scent 
  • Never leave candles unattended and burn on heat resistant surface
  • Dispose off when 1 inch of wax remains

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