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Rs. 470.00

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Product details: Sattva is a great coffee to be drunk black or as an espresso.

Q Factor: With notes that range from banana to wild berry, these virgin beans have been untouched by chemicals, fertilizers or sprays. Coffee just the way God grows it. Our Organic arabica coffee is grown on a estate which has soil certification too - which means while we definitely do not use any sort of chemicals or pesticides when cultivating, our soil too does not contain any past traces or residue of harmful chemicals.

Best way to use: Choose Whole beans if you have your own grinder at home. Grind as you go along.The Fine grind works for  espresso machines, moka pots.Medium grind works well with electric filters, South-Indian filters (steel / brass), the Aeropress, and espresso machines with lower pressure extraction.The Coarse grind works for brewing using a French Press.

Shelf life: Best before 3 months from date of packaging

Once opened: Best before 3 months from date of packaging

Storage and handling instruction: Refrigeration required or not/can be kept at room temperature etc.



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