The Great Grooming Pack For Dry Skin

Rs. 2,058.00
Weight 500 g
  • The Great Grooming Pack For Dry Skin at Qtrove
  • The Great Grooming Pack For Dry Skin at Qtrove

The Great Grooming Pack For Dry Skin

Rs. 2,058.00 Rs. 2,743.00
Weight 500 g

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Contents Of The Combo Pack:

  1. 1 Mooch & Beard Oil for Dry Skin
  2. 1 Beard Wash & Softener
  3. 1 Moustache & Beard Wax
  4. 1 Daily Defense Unction
  5. 1 Face Wash & Cleanser
  6. 1 Hair Styling Cream
  7. 1 Wooden Comb

1. Mooch & Beard Oil for Dry Skin (50 ml): The Mooch and Beard Oil is designed especially for men with dry skin to meet the needs of different skin types. The base oils are a proprietary blend of premium oils, the scent is complex, yet comforting. Made of only natural fragrances, the oil starts off with a light, crisp and fresh aroma which gradually evolves to a warm and mellow note.

2. Beard Wash & Softener (50 ml): Beard Wash and Softener has a very gentle lather that is soft enough for your face and tough enough to handle curly coarse beard hair. It is scented with Lavender Essential Oils and Lime extracts that leave a mild, fresh citrus aroma.

3. Moustache and Beard Wax (50 gm): Do you want the look of a sculpted stache? Are you sick of your stache falling into your mouth when you eat? Your solution could very well be found in our Moustache and Beard Wax. It is packed in a high-quality cosmetic jar, so it’s warm and ready for use. The wax provides a medium hold and is perfect for natural styles that keep the moustache out of the mouth. This wax will provide enough hold for a very natural shape with some pliability, and the wax will last all day.

4. Daily Defense Unction Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Cream (50 gm): Infused with several key peptides that work to instantly plump and relax deep lines and wrinkles. Buffered AHA’s work to correct the appearance of sagging skin and improve the skin’s overall health and texture. Algae extract and Avacado Oil helps repair and hydrate to jump start the skin’s rejuvenation process. Green Tea extracts help to lift and firm the skin. Expect all the goodness in this all-in-one cream!

    5. Face Wash & Cleanser (50 ml): Energise and clear your skin using powerful natural ingredients. This natural face wash keeps your face moisturised. 

    6. Hair Styling Cream (50 gm): A hair styling cream like none before! This formulation provides quick light styling, fantastic manageability and leaves your hair nourished. A newcomer to the hairstyling stage cannot go wrong with this cream. Subtle control with low shine!

    7. Brahma Bull Wooden Comb: Unlike a typical moulded plastic comb, our combs are handmade. The size of the comb is perfect to fit in the pocket too. It can be used by anyone- men, women, and kids too. Simply the best wooden comb for your hair or beard.